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The Digital LSAT Field Test

As part of our ongoing research into LSAT delivery options for the future, LSAC is conducting a field test of a tablet-based LSAT administration system, the Digital LSAT. We are seeking a total of 2,000 test takers to participate in the field test. 


  • October 14, 2017 8:30 AM 
    Application period: July 17, 2017 - August 25, 2017

You will need an acceptable photo to upload during the application process.


In Texas:  Texas A&M, Baylor, UH, UH Downtown, and UH Clear Lake


The Digital LSAT Field Test is being offered by LSAC free of charge.  It is intended for those who plan to take the LSAT in the near future.

The Digital LSAT Field Test includes actual LSAT questions, but instead of an LSAT score, you will receive a detailed performance report describing the number of questions you answered correctly for various question types and skill areas.  Like the LSAT, each field test will consist of five sections of multiple-choice questions—but they will be administered on a tablet. There will also be a writing sample, which the test taker will type using a keyboard attached to the tablet. The Digital LSAT Field Test will be given under conditions similar to those of an actual LSAT administration, and the timing of the sections will be identical (35 minutes for each section).

The Digital LSAT is designed to be accessible to as many individuals with as wide a range of disabilities as possible. Please see the FAQ section to learn about the accessibility features of the tablet that are automatically available. Further information on available accommodations and how to request them may also be found in the FAQ section.


Taking the Digital LSAT Field Test should help to prepare you for taking the actual LSAT. As indicated above, the test questions you will encounter in the Digital LSAT Field Test are actual LSAT questions, providing a valuable practice opportunity under realistic test-taking conditions.

In addition, contingent upon your completion of the full field test and a follow-up survey, you will receive:

  • A detailed performance report listing the number of questions you answered correctly for each of the three LSAT question types (Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension) and the number answered correctly for each of several skill areas within each LSAT question type. Your performance report will also contain brief descriptions of all of these skill areas. Digital LSAT Field-Test results are not LSAT scores and will not be transmitted to law schools.
  • A refund check for the full cost of an actual LSAT, after you take the LSAT. In order to qualify for this refund, you must take the actual LSAT and earn a reportable score from December 2017 to June 2019. This refund is not retroactive and will not cover late fees.
To register for the Digital LSAT Field Test please visit LSAC.