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Law School Workshops

Application Workshop - 
This workshop will cover the basic elements of a complete law school application and help individuals develop their own timeline for completion.
Applying to law school can be stressful without thorough planning. This workshop will cover the five basic elements of the application: academic record, LSAT score, letters of recommendation, resume, and personal statement. The Law School Admission Council website, www.lsac.org, is the primary portal for providing this information and its use will be discussed. Applicants will learn to develop their own timeline and goals for the application process. Typically offered in April through October.

Personal Statement Workshop - 
The Personal Statement is often the most difficult piece of the application to craft. The Internet and "How to Apply to Law School" books abound with advice: some good, some bad, some downright harmful! Karen Severn will demystify the personal statement process by first describing how a law school might evaluate you application, followed by an in-depth discussion of approaching the topic of your essay, followed by advice on brainstorming, writing and editing. the workshop is offered July through November.