PUMAS stands for Prospective Undergraduate Medical Aggie Students and is the JAMP affiliate organization of Texas A&M. PUMAS is an undergraduate leadership organization whose purpose is to develop freshmen and sophomores as individuals and leaders at Texas A&M University in order to prepare them for JAMP and medical school matriculation. 

PUMAS is modeled after FLOs and SLOs. However, PUMAS does not recruit like these organizations since members are strictly JAMP eligible students who want to go to medical school. Our goal is to develop each and every PUMAS member into a qualified applicant for medical school through the opportunities we provide throughout the semester. Each of the five committees is instrumental in achieving that purpose.

Social: Our Social Committee plans and facilitates events that allow you to create friendships that connect you to the organization. This will make you able to explain to medical schools why your time in PUMAS was meaningful.

Fundraising: Our partnership with a philanthropy shows medical schools that you are emotionally qualified to be a doctor and that you care about others.  The doctors of tomorrow need to be more about others and less about themselves - and donating time to raise funds to help those who are less fortunate is a great way to show that.

Service: Community Service reiterates that you are emotionally qualified to be a doctor because you are actively taking a part in making a difference in the life of someone other than yourself. Community service is a major component of any strong application for medical school, and by serving our philanthropy and other charities - every prospective JAMPer will be strong in this area of their application.

Public Relations: The Office of Professional School advising does a fantastic job at catching people at New Student Conferences and seeing if they are eligible for JAMP and spreading the world about PUMAS. However, only 45 prospective JAMPers showed interested in joining PUMAS. This highlights that there is a lot of room for growth for this organization. PR committee also helps coordinate food for meetings and serves as the historian for PUMAS by taking pictures and creating videos.

Medical: This Committee will help you develop your JAMP application by providing you with experiences that will be impressive on medical school applications such as medical school visits, medical volunteering, and bringing in speakers for PUMAS meeting.

PUMAS accepts new JAMP-elgible students during the beginning of every academic year. If you have any questions about PUMAS, please email pumas.tamu@gmail.com.