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Research Vet Schools

Texas A&M University is home to the only Veterinary School in Texas. The TAMU Vet School (by law) has to admit 90% Texas residents so if you are Texas resident your best bet by far is to apply and attend the TAMU Veterinary School.  Most out-of-state veterinary schools are either state schools or private schools which means the residency requirements are much the same (they have to admit mostly their own in-state students) and/or the tuition rates are two, three or up to four times higher than for the TAMU Veterinary School. Most Texas residents will apply to the TAMU Veterinary School, and if competitive, have a very good chance of attending.  Most of the vet school’s first-year classes have around 50% to 60% of Aggie students! And the best news, the TAMU Veterinary School is a very good school!

Out-of-state Veterinary Schools
The AAVMC website has updated information on the accredited veterinary schools in the United States and all over the world.  If you are interested in applying outside of Texas, this website can help you decide on schools that you feel you may be competitve for.  You can check information such as non-resident tuition, percentages of non-residents accepted, and other factors.