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Thinking about Physician Assistant School

Introduction to PA school path, help students evaluate if they want to pursue PT over other careers, address choosing a major.

PA experience is a necessity.  Although it is not required by some programs, you won’t get accepted without it, the programs want to be very sure you know what a PA does, specifically.  Get as much Healthcare Experience as possible, it all counts whether volunteering, shadowing, or working at a hospital or clinic and/or with a physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or physician, but PA experience specifically is necessary.  Talk to the PA’s about more than just the patients, ask them about their jobs, their lifestyle, what they would change, what they like or don’t like about the profession.  Ask any other medical professionals you come into contact with about PAs.

PA programs also want to see patient contact experience on your application. This is actually touching patients or being involved in their direct care. This is extremely valuable for acceptance.
To increase your awareness of the profession visit www.aapa.org.  You should be familiar with mission statements to insure that you are a good match with the program you want to join. 

Demonstrate leadership potential by holding an office in a volunteer organization, by making the Dean’s list, or by receiving an award for outstanding service or academic achievement.  Show initiative.  Achieve to the best of your ability.  Volunteer and become a leader of the group.  Go on a medical mission.  Work with underserved populations.