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Prepare to Apply

The following components will be necessary for a successful application:
  1. Graduate Record Exam (GRE):   Get a book that has a disk, study and practice.  There is not one study book that is better than another.  It is the practice that you accomplish which will help you the most. The programs do not consider this test a good indication of how well you will do in their program, but it is required and they do look at your score.  Achieving a 150 in the verbal and quantitative sections and a 3.5 in writing would be considered a solid score.
 2.   Grade Point Ratio: 
 PT programs will look at your Science/Math, overall, last 60 hours, and prerequisite GPR.  A 3.5 in         all areas is considered competitive.
       Science and Math - This GPR varies per program and is not usually as big a component as
       the other GPRs considered.
       Last 60 hours - Your last 60 graded hours.  This is an indication that the programs are looking
       at your grade trends (which need to be upward). It is a great opportunity to prove yourself
       academically especially if you had a rough academic start to your college career.
       Prerequisite GPR - The classes listed below and most Texas programs require:
       BIOL (111 and 112)
       CHEM (101/111, 102/112)
       PHYS (201, 202) (junior college credit is acceptable)
       Anatomy and Physiology (Biol or Bims route)
       PSYC 107 & 307* *Psyc 2314 is a common and accepted substitute for Psyc 307
       STAT 301 or 302 or 303
Speech           3 hrs 3 hrs    
English Tech Writing***                
Medical Terminology Hlth 354   Hlth 354 Hlth 354 Hlth 354        
Soci/Behav Science   Add’l 3 hrs
        Add’l 3 hrs
Soci 205
Anth 205/210
Psyc 315 or
Soci 411
3 add’l hrs social/behav. see website  
Others 4 hrs upper sci
Ags don’t usually need this
  Exer Phys (Kines 433)    

***Most schools will list additional recommended course, they are worth looking at
***Writing intensive counts or 4.5 on the writing section of the GRE
  1. Specific Field Experience:  Texas PT schools require a certain amount of hours, it varies from 40-100 hours; however, having just these required hours will not make you competitive.  Competitive hours would be 250+.  It is a good idea to start on these hours as a freshman or as soon as you can. PT programs also like to see that you have been in a variety of settings. Try to get experience in a hospital, a privately owned clinic, and/or a clinic or rehab center. These hours can be from working, volunteering, or shadowing.
  1. Letters from evaluators:  Every school differs in this regard.Some will want only evaluations filled out, some will want only letters, some will want both!The central application you fill out when applying will let you know what is required by each Texas program. Be prepared to ask a professor and two PTs.Stay in touch with all the PTs you spend time with you may need them to officially verify the time you spent with them when it is time to apply.
  1. General Medical Experience:  Non-PT related medical experience will count, not as PT hours but it is something you put on your application.It can include volunteering, working, or shadowing in hospitals, clinics and medical mission trips, anything not PT related.
  1. Community Service:  A non-medical related type of community service is recommended, (soup kitchen, Habitat) PT programs want to know that you care about your community and have leadership skills.