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Thinking about Pharmacy School

Pharmacists rank #23 in Best Health Care Jobs for 2017, #36 in The 100 Best Jobs for 2017, and #20 in Best Paying Jobs, according to the U.S. News & World Report, January 2017.

If you are thinking about Pharmacy School, one of your first steps should be talking to a pharmacist. In doing so, you will find that pharmacists travelled various paths to the profession. For instance, older pharmacists may have earned a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree rather than the current Doctor of Pharmacy degree. At many schools, including University of Texas, University of Houston, and Texas Southern University, students typically began their studies at the freshman level and were 'admitted' to the professional phase. Thus, while older pharmacists did not worry about choosing majors and other items related to the junior and senior years of college, they have decades more experience to share! Younger pharmacists did earn Pharm.D.s and may have broader experiences as a group. 

Many who are thinking about pharmacy are also considering other health care careers. The good news is that your observational or volunteer experience in one is also beneficial when looking at others. Keep a notebook or digital reference of all of your healthcare experiences, no matter how small. This will be invaluable when you become an applicant.

Finally, at Texas A&M, over 80% of Aggies who attend Pharmacy School will have graduated from Texas A&M; therefore, you need to think about selecting the right major for your education. Pharmacy schools do not prefer one major over another when deciding whether to grant admission. Popular majors for pre-pharmacy at Texas A&M include: Biology Department majors, Biomedical Science, Biochemistry/Genetics, Chemistry, Health, Nutritional Sciences, and Psychology.