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Application Process

With all Texas Pharmacy School utilizing the Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS), applying to pharmacy schools is manageable. The PharmCAS typically opens mid-July to begin accepting applications. All work is completed online and Aggies are encouraged to:
  • Bring their personal statement/essays to the Health Profession Essay Reviews, held each spring/summer semester
  • Attend a Pharmacy application workshop, held each spring sememster
  • Attend a Health Professions Interview Workshop, held each summer/early fall sememster
In general, applicants will complete several sections on the application, including biographical, educational, experience and extracurricular activities. Three letters of recommendation (LOR)  will usually satisfy most school's needs. If you are still in school, at least one letter should be from a science faculty member, one from a pharmacist, and one from any category. You will designate the names and email addresses of your LOR writers in your PharmCAS application. When ready, you will click the send button and they will receive the information via email.  You will have official transcripts sent from every institution you have ever attended, including summer school and high school dual credit. Once PharmCAS has all of your materials, they will transmit them to the pharmacy schools you designate. Most schools have a supplemental application, so be certain to inquire at each school for additional requirements. 

Growing in popularity, Early Decision programs enable applicants and schools to make a decision early in the fall semester, one year prior to matriculation. If you are certain that a particular pharmacy school is best for you, AND that pharmacy school participates in Early Decision, you may apply to only that one school. You will be notified quickly if you will be interviewed, and shortly after the interview, you will know if you are admitted. If you are denied admission at that school, you have plenty of time to complete other applications before deadlines.

Interviews are the final decider on whether you are admitted to a particular school. Most interviews are late fall, or early spring. Using the PharmCAS School Directory, you can examine the interview dates of various schools and how their interviews are organized. Many times the interview will be a half-day affair and could contain individual interviews with faculty, group interviews, a writing exercise, an application file review, multiple mini interview (MMI) and other group dynamic assessments. A good source of interview questions may be found at StudentDoctor.net.  Don't forget to dress for success!  If you need business attire please visit the Texas A&M Career Closet to learn how you can borrow them.