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Thinking about Nursing School

Volunteer, shadow, or work in the medical field in any capacity, gain a broad view of the interaction between healthcare professionals.  Eventually, zero in on nursing by spending time with a nurse.  This serves a dual purpose, exposure to the field, which programs usually like to see, and verification for you that you are entering a field you have experience in and know you will like.

Any major is a good major. Nursing programs simply care about your prerequisite GPA and nursing science GPA.

Routes for becoming a nurse and attending Texas A&M
ADN-Associate’s Degree in Nursing
BSN- Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing
MSN-Master’s of Science in Nursing

1. Earn a four year degree from Texas A&M University and choose one of the following options:
Choice A - Apply to any generic 2 year nursing program; BSN or ADN (both are RNs).
Choice B - Apply to a fast track BSN program, which takes the genric 2 year program and condenses it to anywhere from 12 to 15 months. This choice is only for students who will have a bachelor's degree prior to entry in a program.
Choice C - Apply as outlines in both A and B to increase chances of acceptance.
(Choice A, B, or C will leave you with two degrees - one from TAMU and one from a nursing program)                           
2. Stay at TAMU for approximately 2 years and complete your pre-requisite
   -Apply to nursing school the Generic 2 year track (end of your 1st year) 
    and leave  with your BSN-RN.
   - A BSN is required to advance into an MSN program. 
   - An ADN is an Associate Degreed Nurse (junior college). There are ADN to  
     BSN programs.  Please do not rule out an ADN program, it is a great start
     for a nursing career.
   - Application to nursing school is competitive, a pre-requisite grade point
     ratio above a 3.0 is necessary.
   - Getting a four year degree prior to attending a nursing program or not  
     getting a four year degree prior to attending a nursing program is 100% a
     personal choice and either route is a good, solid route.