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Research Nursing Schools

Most nursing schools in Texas have a passage rate on the national boards (NCLEX) of at least an 85%, a couple are below this percentage as of 2014.  Most students pick a nursing school based on location alone.  Below are some steps that will help you to zero in on the schools that you would apply to.

1.  Look at the pre-reqs.  Can you complete them within the time frame you have for yourself?  Do they have any outlandish ones that you just don’t want to take?  Are they similar to the other schools you are looking at?   The pre-reqs alone can make you choose or not choose a school.

2.  Look at dates:
     A)  Application deadlines.  Can you make them?  Is it too late?  At least be aware of them so you know when you need to start to apply.  An early application is always a good thing, always.  A listing of nursing schools, start dates, application dates, and required tests is available.
     B)  Start dates of the programs.  Will you have graduated by then?  Will you be finished with your pre-reqs by then?  Is that when you want to start or do you want some time off of school?

3.  Look at the application itself, even if you are not applying at the moment.  The application will tell you if you need essays, letters of recommendation, if they have interviews, these are all things you need to know about a school to either rule it in or rule it out.  And, to prepare you for what applying is going to entail.