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Application Process

Each school has their own application process. Even if you are not ready to apply go to their website and click on apply now to see what they are going to want from you. Or, they can belong to NursingCAS, a central application system, one application to numerous nursing programs. Listed below are those Texas programs that belong to NursingCAS, hopefully more will join in the future!

Patty Hanks
Tech (Lubbock and El Paso campuses)

Application workshops are available every semester, register on the appropriate listserv to receive information about these workshops.

Some Additonal Advice
1. Applying to 3 or 4 nursing programs is about the norm for Aggies, you can
    add more to spread the wealth or less to zero in on a couple of select
2. Every nursing program has a hoop that they want you to jump through. You
    have to decide which hoops you are willing to jump through.Some hoops are
    in the form of extra required prerequisites, entrance tests, or application
3. At a nursing program website you are either a Bacc2 or Second Degree BSN
    if you are going to have a four year degree prior to nursing school.Or, you are
    a Generic Plan or BSN if you are not going to have a four year degree prior to
    starting nursing school.You are not a “Graduate” and you are not usually a
    “Transfer” student.