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Thinking about Law School

Of all professional programs, the Juris Doctor (J.D.) remains the most flexible and accepting in terms of admission, in part because there are no required courses for admission.  In fact, law schools do not favor any major over another; instead, they revel in diversity of everything, from your major, activities, outside interests, and personal history. At Texas A&M, students from every college apply to law school and are successful in both admission and in law school. Therefore, choose the major that suits you, one that you find challenging and engaging, one that prepares you for other career paths.

You do not need to determine exactly which type of lawyer you plan to be before law school. Instead, learn about the practice of law and whether that is appealing to you. The best piece of advice to follow is to talk to a lawyer, followed by talking to another lawyer. Learn about the profession and how individuals came to it and wound up in their niche.  Remember, every lawyer went to law school and therefore knows a lot of lawyers in different practice areas. After getting a sense of the profession, dive into an internship in a court or law office to see if law is right for you.