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Prepare to Apply

Aggies in any major are well-prepared to be successful in law school due to the rigor in all majors and the high expectations of your professors. However, the American Bar Association has prepared a statement about Core Skills, Values, Knowledge, and Experience to guide you in preparing for law school and a legal career. These include:
  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Reading
  • Writing and Editing
  • Oral Communication and Listening
  • Research
  • Organization and Management
  • Public Service and Promotion of Justice
  • Relationship-building and Collaboration
  • Background Knowledge
  • Exposure to the Law

You can find the entire prelaw statement in our handouts or on their website. After reading the statement, do a self-analysis on your skills and knowledge levels and make plans to improve them. Doing a self-analysis every semester will ensure that you are ready.

Please note that many of the skills are acquired outside the classroom. This is why participating in student activities, service work, internships, and leadership positions is crucial to building a strong case for you being admitted to your top law school.