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Thinking about Dental School

The path to being a dentist is a long and rewarding one. Once a student determines that dentistry might be in their future we recommend that you come in and make an appointment with an OPSA advisor. The advisor will be able to pick you up where you are, whether you are a freshman, junior or former student, and determine what path is best for you in your pursuit of dentistry. In the meantime here are a few things to keep in mind as you are determining if dentistry is for you:
  1. Gain experience in the field, whether that is through shadowing or volunteering or working it does not matter. But, you need to expose yourself to the field and see if you really like it. Even going to lunch with a dentist is a good place to start.
  2. Join a pre-dental student group on campus to learn more about dentistry. Groups will bring in dentists to speak; students will travel to visit dental schools, etc. 
  3. It does not matter what your major is. Therefore you do not have to be a Biology or Biomedical Science major to attend dental school. You can be an Engineering or Business student and still be pre-dental. But, most students enjoy and excel in science courses so that is what they major in and that is ok. I encourage science majors to consider minoring in a different subject such as a different language or liberal arts area.
  4. You can start looking at the required coursework schools require. Your advisor in OPSA will be able to help with this but there are several required courses or prerequisites that are required for students to complete before starting dental school.
  5. Get involved. Schools are very interested in your interests, passions and motivations. So if you have a hobby then keep up with it and find different ways to remain involved.
  6. If still in school focus on grades and develop solid study habits. Your science GPA or your BCPM (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Math) GPA will be most important.
  7. Also understand that if you have to work that your holding a job will be looked at positively.