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Pre Physician Assistant Students

Physician Assistant Schools will consider:

Entrance Exam:   PCAT     GRE     OAT     NET

Get a book that has a disk, study and practice.  The programs do not consider this test a good indication of how well you will do in their program, but it is required and they do look at your score.  You only need to pass the test which is 1000, but 1000 plus is better.  Venturing a guess the Aggie average would be 1100 to 1150?

GPR:   Overall     Science / Math      Last 60 / 30 hours

(3.5 across the board professional school competitive average)

The lowest acceptance I have seen lately is a 3.02, BUT the rest of her application was STELLAR!

General Medical Experience:

Clinics / Hospitals / medical missions / anything that is not PA.

Specific Field Experience:

Not required by the schools but you probably won’t get accepted without it, unless you have unusual circumstances, see me about that. So, Kate says to be a successful candidate you must have PA experience.  There is no magic number of hours.  You are looking for a letter from a PA, so you have to get to know one pretty good for them to write you a letter.  Having a PA that you shadow periodically, whenever you go home is a wonderful, great idea.  If you can garner PATIENT CONTACT, actually physically touching patients, it looks really good on your application.

Letters from evaluators:    3      4     none

- One from a PA

- One from a professor, yes a professor!  Email for advice on this. It really is not as hard as you think.

- One from Whomever?  Usually this letter would address a weak spot in your application, another professor? or a huge part of your life, a boss?

Community Service:

YES! A must.

Timeliness of completed application / Follow rules?

Application becomes available at the end of April or beginning of May, it changes every year.

Application process begins:

Use the summer to apply, garner letters, take the GRE and write your essays.  To be a successful candidate you should be completely finished applying by mid / end of July the summer before you graduate.

Application due:

All are due sometime in the fall, the first is usually due Oct. 1st.  Programs start in the summer or in the fall depending on the program.

*OPSA Physician Assistant Handout

Texas Physician Assistant Programs:

Texas Tech University Health Science Center School of Allied Health Sciences

Baylor College of Medicine Physician Assistant Program

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center School of Health Professions

University of Texas Medical Branch School of Health Professions

University of North Texas Health Science Center Physician Assistant Studies

University of Texas Pan America Physician Assistant Studies Program

University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio School of Health Professions


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