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Currently, there are over one million licensed, practicing attorneys in the United States, and over 75,000 attorneys in Texas! (Note:1) Choose the major and courses that are right for you!

Texas A&M University is a national leader in preparing students for law school.  Aggies are admitted to a majority of the accredited law schools in the United States, so you will have a lot of choices (Note:3) In 2008, nearly 500 Aggies applied to law school. The admission rate for recent graduates was approximately 78% while the national admission rate was 58%.  The most successful students plan ahead, become good college students, take on leadership roles, and stay active on campus. Your first source of information should be the American Bar Association (ABA) Statement Preparing for Law School (Note:4).  This statement lists the skills, values and knowledge that are essential to being successful in the law:

* Analytic / Problem Solving Skills
* Critical Reading
* Writing Skills
* Oral Communication / Listening Abilities
* General Research Skills
* Task Organization / Management Skills
* Public Service and Promotion of Justice

You should take advantage of having a knowledgeable prelaw advisor who is ready to help you every step of the way.  Sign up for the Aggie-lawyer listserv, attend Workshops and presentations, and get involved in whatever pleases you.  Visit Karen Severn during Group Advising or a scheduled appointment. (Note:13)

Subscribe to the Adventures in PreLaw Advising blog (Note:5) for a unique look on things pre-law.

About 40% of Aggies take time off between undergraduate and law school in order to work, take a break, or participate in programs such as the U.S. military, Peace Corps or Teach for America (Note:6).  However, we recommend that you plan to enter law school right after graduation because you can postpone entry without penalty.  A four-year time-line for an Aggie going directly to law school after graduation could look like this: 


Develop excellent study skills. Join two or three organizations of interest. Sign up for the Aggie-lawyer listserv. Attend presentations and meetings. Create your own login account at Law School Admissions Council (Note:7) and bookmark it.  


Continue developing as a student. Design a written plan for your final three years, including summers. Consider internships and study abroad opportunities (Note:8). Take a practice LSAT. Explore leadership opportunities.


Get to know professors well. Take a second or third class from a favorite professor. Finalize LSAT preparation methods for yourself and take the exam. Apply for senior research opportunities, including Research Fellows in Honors Programs (Note:9). Attend application workshops. Consult professors about Letters of Recommendation (LOR).



Attend Personal Statement Workshops. Apply to law school in early fall (Note:10). Attend law school recruiting events. Write Thank You card to writers of LORs.


Apply for financial aid (Note:11). Receive offers of admission and scholarship. Visit law schools. Inform OPGSA and LOR writers of your final decision on law schools. Graduate!

The Pre-Law Society and LEGALS are the pre-professional law groups on campus. (Note:12)


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