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Advisor Connections

Academic Advisors, YOU are our essential partners in helping students achieve their professional goals. Health professions programs all have numerous prerequisite courses, which can sometimes seem like an ever-changing target. We keep our handouts up-to-date for professional schools in Texas and you are always welcome to use them in your advising program. In the OPSA office we always defer academic concerns back to your offices about degree plans and graduation. We advise students to contact you if they have questions about using particular courses for their degrees. 

To get to know you better, we have "Advisor Luncheons" each semester, where we gather informally to discuss changes in programs and prerequisites. Let us know if you would like to be included. If you have a medium to large advising staff, we are available to come to your office as well. We can also be found at the University Advisors and Counselor events as well. 

Our staff are eager to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to contact us! The Directory at the top of the page has our current advising assignments, but any of us would be happy to help you.