But my friend told me...

Posted on Saturday, Nov 01, 2014 by Karen W. Severn

I have been advising Aggies for over a quarter of a century and enjoy talking individually with students about their futures. Many conversations start with, "I heard..." or "I read..." or "A friend told me..." and I never know what to expect! I encourage all of you to seek several sources for advice, but you should also think about the source!

One of my mantas is "Talk to a lawyer!" "Talk to a pharmacist!" because I know that working professionals have the best advice on the current employment market, factors impacting your happiness with your profession, and how to network effectively. Someone who is currently enrolled in professional school is your best source of advice about what it's like to be a professional student. Finally, the OPSA advisors and admissions professionals at schools are your best sources of advice on preparing a successful application. 

Then, there's the Internet. I can assure you that cyberspace abounds with plentiful advice about professional school and some of it is accurrate! Anonymous posters give fourth-hand accounts of the experience, the pitfalls, the horrible unfairness of the application process. Frankly, this drives me crazy! Last week, a student in my office asked several times about applying for binding early decision to law school, fearing it was the only way he would be admitted and that the law school would run out of places before his application would be reviewed if he applied in November. This student was (fortunately) in my office and I was able to allay his fears and provide accurate, timely advice. 

BUT, I do worry about the applicants who don't seek confirmation from the OPSA advisors, perhaps doing their applications harm! Anytime you have a question, call, email or come by the OPSA. We really are here to help! 

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